At Sense of Place Properties & Hospitality, we recognize that a property is more ​than just a space - it's a stage for life's most important moments and a sanctuary ​where memories are made and cherished. Inspired by the profound connection ​between individuals and their environments, we redefine real estate by focusing ​not only on the physical aspects of properties but also on the emotional ​resonance they hold.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that every client is unique, and every ​property should reflect the personal narrative of its inhabitants. We take the time ​to understand the distinct needs, aspirations, and lifestyles of our clients, ​ensuring that every real estate transaction enriches their life experience and ​deepens their connection to their chosen environment.

A Message from our Founder

Samuel Vaden

Founder & CEO

Sense of Place

Properties & Hospitality

Message from our Founder

Welcome to Sense of Place Properties & Hospitality. After more than ​14 years in the real estate business, spanning vibrant neighborhoods ​in Miami to the scenic stretches of Southern California, I've come to ​realize that what truly matters isn’t just the structures we inhabit, ​but the lives and stories that unfold within them. This epiphany has ​shaped every aspect of how we operate at Sense of Place Properties ​& Hospitality.

Here, we are driven by a vision that sees beyond square footage and ​property specs. We delve into the essence of each place - its spirit ​and its potential to become a profound part of your personal journey. ​We understand that a true ‘sense of place’ is not just about the ​geographical location but about how a space resonates with the ​intimate details of your lifestyle and values.

We don’t just facilitate transactions; we foster relationships. We ​connect you not only to a property but to a community that will ​enrich your life’s narrative. Each client, each property, each deal is ​unique, and we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to ​fit the unique contours of your aspirations.

We are here to help you find not just a house, but a home—a place ​where you can create lasting memories, where you can thrive ​amongst a community of like-minded individuals, and where you can ​build a life that feels deeply and intrinsically yours.

Thank you for trusting us with your journey. Let’s create something ​extraordinary together.

With immense gratitude,

Samuel Vaden

Founder & CEO

Sense of Place Properties & Hospitality

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Our team is primarily based throughout California & Florida. Our exclusive partnership with ​ADVSR, extends our professional advisory services & reach to: Canada, Mexico, UK, Italy, France, ​Portugal, Germany, Spain/Mallorca/Ibiza, Dubai/UAE, South Africa, Austria, Turks & Caicos, The ​Bahamas & Bali. Interested in Viewing All of our International Listings? Click Here.